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The description of OxySpace (by FromDust Studio)

OxySpace revolutionizes the free-to-play (F2P) mobile Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) landscape, offering a thrilling universe where players dive into fast-paced battles, wielding highly customizable robots. This game stands out by granting unparalleled control over robot customization and engaging players in deeply strategic encounters across diverse game modes and captivating environments.

What distinguishes OxySpace is its groundbreaking base management system. Players are tasked with constructing and upgrading a strategic hub, elevating it beyond mere resource storage to a vital tactical command center. Here, decisions on armament, armor, special abilities, and robot aesthetics are made, allowing for a personalized flair in combat.


The base management component introduces a layer of real-time strategy, demanding judicious resource distribution and infrastructural enhancements. This complexity enriches the game, offering a blend of intense arena combat with the nuanced planning of resources and strategy development off the battlefield.


OxySpace merges exhilarating MOBA action, intricate customization, and strategic base management to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience. Each match is an opportunity to refine tactics and configurations, ensuring a constantly evolving and engaging gameplay experience. With an expanding community and continuous updates, OxySpace is set to become a milestone in the mobile gaming sphere.

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