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Official Launch – EN – Global

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Otherworld Mercenary Corps (by BaobobLab)

Join the adventures of a commander from another world who trains a mercenary corps
sworn to protect the blessed continent of Vles Terra from the clutches of the Demon King!

Dive into Otherworld Mercenary Corps, a game adorned with stunning character illustrations and top-notch pixel graphics,
offering a wealth of content to conquer, a gripping storyline, and the exciting prospect of collecting characters and items!

Adventures in another world
The tumultuous journey of an ordinary office worker summoned to the continent of Vles Terra to become a mercenary commander!
Embark on a quest to find the seven Primordial Cores scattered across the continent while carrying out missions for Witch Queen Isabella!

Witness your growth wherever you go
Challenge yourself to dozens of areas based on your combat power!
Don’t forget to go through Story Mode to watch the mercenary commander’s growth!

High-quality pixel graphics
Boasting the highest level of quality among mobile games!
Experience the joy of watching the cute and stylish pixel characters in action!

Otherworld Mercenary Corps

Vibrant original art
Immerse yourself in the vivid 2D animations
and character-specific illustrations, each brimming with unique charms!

Otherworld Mercenary Corps

Relationship with characters
Interact with your favorite characters to enhance your combat power!
Each character has a different personality, so choose answers to their questions carefully if you want to form a positive bond with them!

Otherworld Mercenary Corps

Fierce competitive battles
Strategize your way to higher rankings and better rewards!
Strengthen your mercenaries, build your unique deck, and engage in fierce competition with other players to rise to the top!

Otherworld Mercenary Corps

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