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Official Launch(CN) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 潘朵拉:命運先知 (by SP-Game)

Disobeying God’s orders, Pandora curiously opened the Box of Destiny and released all evil into the world…
The remorseful girl sacrificed herself to become the prophet of destiny, and obtained the only hope left in the magic box – “the power of prophecy”.
In order to atone for her sins, she wandered around the world with her followers with different personalities, using her prophetic ability to guide the destiny of living beings and avoid destruction and disaster. They fight against the darkness of the world day and night, and therefore call themselves the “Sleepless Ones”.
But the spreading demons and spreading darkness invade light and justice all the time, tearing the world apart and heading towards two endings…

Game Features

Know everything, control destiny
The occult profession “Prophet” is here! Use the remaining prophecy power in the magic box to spy on the fate of the world, fight against the darkness of the world, and win the final light and justice!

World Battlefield Endless Hunting
The new big world battlefield gameplay can trigger hunting and robbery anytime and anywhere. In the world battlefield, you can experience the game of strategy and resourcefulness, and the showdown between strength and power!


Customized face pinching, multiple career changes
Freely customize the appearance to create quality aesthetics, and deeply customize exquisite details to achieve a visual enjoyment that transcends reality! Rich career choices, multiple awakening career branches, free job changes, and a unique demonization experience!


Open map unlimited exploration
Create a movie-level audio-visual experience with next-generation ultra-fine 3D rendering engine technology. With the open exploration world map generated by intelligent calculation, mysterious and unknown secret realm copies and secret treasures behind countless myths are waiting for you to explore!

Available: Google Play / App Store – CN, TW, HK, MY, etc…


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