Ollie’s Manor: Pet Farm Sim – Game News

Ollie’s Manor: Pet Farm Sim – Game News

Ollie’s Manor: Pet Farm Sim – Game News

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Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Ollie’s Manor: Pet Farm Sim (by Loongcheer Game)

Welcome to “Ollie’s Manor”, put your back into life!

There is a pure land protected by elves.
All the elves and animals live there freely and enjoy the abundant resources. However, there are always accidents in a quiet life.
The evil Shadow Beasts keep plundering resources from the peaceful land. Join us and build a manor to protect our happiness life!

“Ollie’s Manor” is a funny and healing SIM game. It contains 2D hand-painted cartoon style and also plays easily. In the manor, you can plant different kinds of flowers, vegetables and fruits to embellish the fields, collect acorns to upgrade buildings, raise cute pets and build parks to create comfortable scenic spots to attract elf customers. Also, you can help the elves defend and resist the invasion of the trouble makers Shadow Beasts to make the manor more prosperous.

Game Features

Build a manor:
– Manor: run a farm, collect acorns, plant fruits and vegetables;
– Amusement Park: Create a happy amusement park. Peacocks show their tails, sheep enjoy the scenery on the Ferris Wheel, chickens exercise on the treadmill, and cows make cattle calls;
– Wooden House: Choose furniture to decorate the wooden house and make it warm;
-Underwater World: There are beautiful corals, various fish and ancient ruins. Land animals feed the fish on submarines.

Ollie's Manor: Pet Farm Sim - Official iOS

Feed animals:
– Unlock all kinds of lively 2D cartoon style pets;
-More cute animal skins.

Ollie's Manor: Pet Farm Sim - Official iOS

Elves exploration and equip elves:
– A variety of maps like Wonderful Forest, Mecha Town, Strange Snow Plains, etc.;
-Unlock various skins to enhance Ollie’s exploration ability;
-Learn sea talents and upgrade elf skills;

Ollie's Manor: Pet Farm Sim - Official iOS

Multiple interactive gameplays:
-Consecutive click to attack the nasty wolves and gophers, prevent them to destroy the manor.
-Crazy click to battle with the Shadow Beasts and get more resources.

Rich AFK rewards:
-Easily upgrade and get rich AFK rewards.

Come guard the manor and help Ollie!


Ollie’s Manor Discord:

Ollie's Manor: Pet Farm Sim - Official iOS
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