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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Ninja Defenders (by CookApps)

Protect the ninja village from the hoards of demons!

Ninja Defenders is a Dynamic Roguelike Defense RPG!

Ninjas! Shurikens! And most importantly, Kittens!

Ninja Defenders has it all!

Acquire powerful ninja skills to defend the village!

Ninja Defenders

Defend the village in an action-packed roguelike defense!

Unleash your ninja skills towards the swarm of demons!

Watch as the hoard falls before you!

Ninja Defenders

Enjoy the myriad of powerful ninja skills ranging from

crackling lightning to roaring flames! Be the master of your elements!

A few simple taps on the screen will let you tap into your ninja potential!

Collect ornaments to create the strongest ninja warrior!

Level up your gear to strengthen your ninja!

Ninja Defenders

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