Mutants Return – NFT • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

Mutants Return – NFT • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

Mutants Return – NFT • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

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Official Launch Android+ APK

💡 Platform – Android | PC

The description of Mutants Return (by Meta Rocket Co.)

A Dark Era has engulfed all Mutants after the Apes Vs Mutants War. Although the Mutant’s physical body has been shattered, their remains have been buried waiting to be awakened.

To evade the dreaded Apes, the dark emperor Lunacy, established a new secret base at the unholy Mansion. Where the Mutant Army’s souls were sealed within the tombstones.

As All Hallows’ Eve approaches, Lunacy discovers a toxic serum that he uses to release Mutant’s soul again. Hordes of Mutants risen from the dead and are seeking vengeance.

Apes called upon his friends and formed the Hunter Alliance aimed to destroy the Mutants again…

Which side will win?

*Play as a member of either the Hunters or Mutants in 6-12 player online matches, using teamwork and your unique abilities to defeat your opponents!

*Unique new PVP gameplay mechanics unlike other games! Mutants are normally invisible and can only be attacked when revealed.

Mutants Return - NFT

Armed with superior numbers and the power to detect and expose the Mutants, Hunters work together to chase down and defeat the Mutants.

1. Sense the presence of nearby Mutants.
2. Use magic to expose invisible Mutants, making them vulnerable to attack.
3. Refill mana at shrines and statues.
4. Come to the aid of your captured allies to return them to the field.
5. Channel energy into unique landmarks to set-off a map wide effect!

Mutants Return - NFT

Lurking in the shadows, Mutants make use of stealth, trickery, and sabotage to evade, confuse and capture the Hunters.

1. Mutants are invisible to Hunters unless revealed.
2. Sneak attack to trap the Hunters.
3. Create Phantoms to trick and stun Hunters.
4. Destroy shrines and landmarks to prevent Hunters from recovering mana.

Mutants Return - NFT

1. Fight as your favorite Characters.
2. Unique new PVP gameplay mechanics that keep you on your toes.
3. Turn the tide of battle using a wide array of powerful items.
4. Host or join public or private rooms, set for 6, 9 or 12 players.
5. Quick communication with emojis and map signals.
6. Talk to your teammate via in-game audio chat.
7. Offline Quickplay Mode: practice with AI.


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