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Official Launch(TW) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 唱舞星計劃 (by XP Overseas)

The game “Singing and Dancing Star Project” is a 3D dress-up, music and dance social leisure mobile online game based on the fantasy world. It mainly tells the story of the player’s career as a dancer in the virtual music town-Xingle Town.


In the game, the player passes through the small town screening and comes to Xingle Town and encounters the music elf-Xiao Dian. Under Xiao Dian’s guidance, he went through repeated assessments and gradually became a top dancer in the world of singing and dancing.


Players can match themselves with various styles of clothing; they can dance to compete with other players and obtain resources such as currency and clothing; they can also experience the artistic beauty of music and dance. Through the game, players can improve their appreciation of music and dance arts and experience the life experience of being a dancer.

Available: Google Play – TW


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