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The description of Moonlight Sculptor – Darkgamer (by XLGAMES Inc)

Be the Guardian of the Continent
The continent is in dire need of a brave adventurer,
who can bring back the order the world desperately needs,
and solve the mystery of Royal Road.
Great Adventurers Gone Missing
Royal Road, an epic VR game known for its high degree of freedom.

To claim the sovereignty of the Versa Continent,
players from all over the world have flocked to the game.
Among them, Weed and his party
were praised to be the best of the best
for their exceptional feat of unifying the continent.

Their sudden vanishment, therefore, baffled many and having lost the leadership,
the continent began to sink into chaos.

The Order of Disarrayed Royal Road
With the disappearance of the Great Adventurers,
the monsters turned more violent, and started to invade the continent.
On top of that, various groups with the ambition of seizing the sovereignty of the continent
began to wage war against one another, bringing more suffering to the world.

Moonlight Sculptor - Darkgamer

Swiftly defeat the boss monster
that disturbs the area!

Moonlight Sculptor - Darkgamer

A scene of thrilling battles among numerous Guilds.
Great wealth and honor for the victorious!

Moonlight Sculptor - Darkgamer

Spiren’s Courtyard
A special space for global adventurers.
Pass the time with fishing,
or travel around for a chance to obtain valuable relics!

Moonlight Sculptor - Darkgamer

Disputed Land
Conquer Bloodyclaw’s perilous den,
and be the first to obtain precious loots and rewards!


Enhance the equipment from your adventures for greater power.
Polish your equipment to assign special stats, and customize them to best fit your style.

Monster Card

Defeat monsters to obtain Monster Cards with bonus stats.
Show off your strength through various Monster Card combinations.


Craft various Sculptures and display them.
Displaying them in sets can give you bonus effects.

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Pre-registration Gift Bundle

Wanderer’s Weapon Shape Summon Ticket, Weapon/Armor Enhance Scroll x5,
Tonic Chest, Gold x200K

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