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Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Monster Go! (by ONEMT SGP)

Let’s play the epic crazy game!
Shatter it!
WOP WOP, Dum Dum – Let the excitement begin!

Monster Go is a roguelite game with a core emphasis on freedom and DIY. It boasts intricate details, a plenty of genres, diverse gameplay, and a narrative marked by dramatic twists and turns.

Monster Go!

Experience Unique Adventure
Embark on a Roguelike endeavor, selecting varied skill combinations to immerse yourself in a diversity of adventures.

Monster Go!

Create Species & Void Weapons
Experiencing an unparalleled degree of freedom, with every part adjustable, craft your own species and ascend to the peak of evolution.

Monster Go!

Meet with Grotesque Creatures
Encounter a myriad of grotesque creatures, seeking their assistance or fighting against them!

Monster Go!

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