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The description of Mist of Ocean (by Beavergame)

Game introduction
“Mist of Ocean” is a Roguelike adventure game set in the Industrial Revolution era. Players play the role of an explorer resurrected in the era of the Industrial Revolution, exploring a map full of mystery and danger, cultivating powerful heroes, and challenging endless enemies with the help of randomly dropped props. By cultivating Servant, redeeming Remnant Dream, and upgrading equipment, I can enhance my godhood and ascend to the realm of a god. Take you through the era of the Industrial Revolution and embark on an adventure full of excitement and challenges!

Game Features
The unique industrial revolution background presents players with a real and historical adventure world.
The rich props and heroic spirit system give players more choices and strategic space in the game.
Random drop mechanism and map layout make every game full of unknowns and challenges.
In-depth character development and upgrade system to satisfy players’ desire for growth and exploration.

Mist of Ocean

Story background
Who am I, where am I?
I woke up from a terrible sleep, and everything around me felt very strange. At this time, a mysterious woman suddenly appeared in the magic box at my feet. She said her name was Pandora, and that I was a descendant of God with the blood of God. She would follow me and serve me. It turns out that the real me has “died” and was able to wake up again in order to collect a mysterious item called “Remnant Dream” and save the old gods and restore the glory of the gods.
I must go to Gray Mist City to defeat Gaia, the mother of the earth who has been eroded by Remnant Dream, obtain the blessings and help of the old gods in the underworld, release and purify the Servant swallowed by Remnant Dream, and assist me in exploring the unknown in the ruins. I will continue to redeem the Remnant Dream, absorb the divine power swallowed by the Remnant Dream, and continue to improve my godhood and ascend to the realm of a god.
etc! ? If I can ascend by redeeming Remnant Dream, then should I save the old god or replace it with a new god?

Mist of Ocean
Mist of Ocean

Core gameplay
Develop maps: Each map has different difficulty and enemy configurations. Players need to use strategies and skills flexibly to successfully develop the map.
The grace of the old gods: Obtain the grace of the old gods in various levels, grant powerful powers, collect and unlock more treasures, and obtain generous rewards.
Collect randomly dropped props: After defeating enemies, various props will drop. Players need to collect these props and enhance their own strength.
Cultivation of Servant: Players can recruit Servant with different abilities, cultivate Servant through upgrades, unlock more skills and attributes, and improve combat effectiveness.

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Mist of Ocean

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