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The description of MIR2M : The Grandmaster (by ChuanQi IP Co.,Ltd.)

MIR2M: The Grandmaster
The third game in the MIR2M series which succeeds “Legend of MIR 2,” the legendary Wuxia RPG IP.

The MIR supercontinent had split into several continents following the great tectonic shift.
From them, some secluded masters kept watch over the Central Continent.
They were the Shadow Masters of the mystical Empyrean Isle, the students and successors of the Martial Progenitors.

Although most followers of the Martial Progenitors left Empyrean Isle and raised empires, the Empyrean Clan focused their martial efforts on the power of darkness and death to amplify and grow their strength. Eventually, they reached the state of the Shadow Master, the God of War.

But great darkness was falling on the Central Continent, and humanity had to give up the continent in the face of the demonic attacks that grew alongside the darkness.
At the height of the crisis, the Empyrean Clan gladly lent a helping hand.

The new life on Empyrean Isle and the discovery of growth through Dragon Relics was something akin to a secret art that matched the ancient legends.
The warriors now faced the mortal training to become a Shadow Master by honing their skills with the blade, magic, and Tao.

An inescapable and ever-deepening darkness was approaching.
Become a true Shadow Master and save another MIR, the Central Continent!

Game Features
Form your parties with various classes
– Form your parties with various combinations of Warriors/Mages/Taoists for a highly varied playstyle
– Upgrade your characters to Shadow Master, the secret class.

Enjoy various Dungeons and contents
– 6 various boss dungeons, including the World Bosses!
– EXP/Gold dungeons for earning various currencies
– Tower dungeons in which players can test their limits

MIR2M : The Grandmaster - NFT

Epic items that get a collector’s desires burning
– From gorgeous wings to treasures and special jeweled rings to enhance your character’s appearance
– Not to mention mounts that are bursting with personality! There are countless numbers of mounts, including the phoenix, splendid horses, and whales!

MIR2M : The Grandmaster - NFT

Wars are enjoyable no matter where it takes place
– From fighting in normal maps to the arena where you can display your battle prowess
– There are even Guild contents in which you can cooperate with Guild members to protect your Guild’s honor

MIR2M : The Grandmaster - NFT

Rewards are only rewards when there’s lots of it!
– There are mission rewards that can be earned daily, as well as additional weekly mission rewards
– You can obtain special gear as well various currencies just by logging in or leveling up

MIR2M : The Grandmaster - NFT


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MIR2M : The Grandmaster - NFT
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