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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Minuscule Survival (by SkyRise Digital Pte. Ltd.)

One fateful day, humanity found themselves reduced in size, while the once tiny creatures of the world became their mortal enemies in a desperate struggle for survival. In this microscopic realm, humans formed tribes, banding together to fight for their existence…

Game Features:
Turn a shoe into a shelter
Embark on your adventure with nothing more than a shoe, and face immense challenges with your minuscule stature. Build your own humble shelter, uncover hidden treasures amidst ruins, and transform seemingly worthless resources into valuable wealth. Utilize damaged electronic devices to establish a tech research institute, elevating the technological capabilities of your Shelter. Transform a baseball bat into a cozy dwelling to accommodate additional wanderers.

Minuscule Survival

A tiny world invaded by swarms of insects
An unexplored world awaits your discovery, but beware of the relentless insect swarms that threaten your Shelter! Survival hangs in the balance, and you must join forces with Heroes to fend off the swarms and protect your sanctuary. Each insect presents a new challenge, and every battle tests your strategic prowess. Command courageous Heroes and Ant Soldiers to confront the sudden onslaught of insects, tactically deploying each Hero’s unique skills to counter different types of insect groups. With distinct abilities and attributes, carefully match your Heroes and Ant Soldiers to defend against the survival crisis and establish a secure haven in this tiny world.

Minuscule Survival
Minuscule Survival
Minuscule Survival

Spin the roulette and enjoy idle tower defense
Harness your wisdom to fortify your defenses and effortlessly withstand relentless insect invasions. Every decision you make in the game shapes the fate of your Shelter, and your leisure time is filled with both tension and excitement. By spinning the roulette, you will receive various rewards. Each spin brings a delightful surprise, granting you the chance to obtain precious resources, hero fragments, or abundant gear. Without the need for constant active engagement, observe the battles between Heroes and insect swarms in tower defense stages, and effortlessly immerse yourself in the enjoyable experience brought by the game.

Available: Google Play – US

Minuscule Survival
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