Millistar Raiders • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

Millistar Raiders • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

Millistar Raiders • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Millistar Raiders (by Super Planet)

“Drum roll. The Pig King’s Fellas are coming..!”

In the year 2317 of the Millistar calendar, the seal of the Dark Lord is released and the Pig Land is in danger.
At the order of the Pig King, the low-ranking soldier, Kim Chun-mil, becomes an expedition warrior..!

An exciting fantasy adventure of the commonly acknowledged (?) Avengers!
An Idle RPG of the captain (player) and heroes who go on an expedition to the Devildom!

The Clown, Farmer, Butcher… These ordinary but also extraordinary people unite as warriors!
Storm the Devildom with the 13 Heroes! Clear endless stages and reach a new record!
Play freely in two modes, landscape and portrait!

Only 13 Warriors to raise! Be the Captain!
– Farmer, Baker, Drunken… Raise 13 unique characters as Avengers!
– Organize a party of 5 according to the situation and send an auto-battle expedition team to Devildom!
– Even if you’re resting, you get plenty of Offline Idle Rewards!

Millistar Raiders

The stronger the captain, the stronger the heroes!
– If the captain’s stats increase due to enhancement, growth or awakening, the stats of all heroes also go UP!
– Let’s rob Kim Brocker’s Treasure House and get about 20 captain skillbooks!
– If you equip more than 70 kinds of captain’s equipment, the effects will be applied to all heroes!!

Millistar Raiders

Pick up loot, find lost items and collect relics!
– Pick up treasures left behind by monsters! A new treasure appears with each monster!
– Find lost items dropped by 13 heroes during battle!
– The stats of heroes with relics increases!

Millistar Raiders

The adventures of the Pig King’s (expedition group) are endless!!
– [Castle Defense Battle] Stop special agent demons from infiltrating the Pig Castle
– [Forgotten Alchemist’s Cave] A cave guarded by skeleton wizards
– [Millistar Ruins] Find the lost belongings of the 13 heroes
– [Dragon Dungeon] Challenge the Red Dragon, the most unique being on the planet Millistar
– [Awakening Challenge] The ultimate showdown in the desert
– [Arena] Form your own Avengers team and fight against others! Global Avengers Match!
– [Labyrinth] Mutant monsters and the first Dark Lord are waiting for you in this dungeon!
– [Plundering Battle] Clear out the treasure house of Kim Brocker, the famous merchant in Devildom!

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