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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Mega Zombie M (by Majamojo)

Mega Zombie M is a pixel-style Third-Person Shooter (TPS) Mobile Game with a Zombie apocalypse theme. The Mega Zombie game is now available in a mobile version, after previously pampering game fans via the PS4 console. The mobile version of Mega Zombie comes with interesting features that provide a new feel for mobile game fans.

[PVP, PVE Mode!]
Real survival from vicious Zombies, or from your opponents. Trust your life to your teammates, or survive alone

Mega Zombie M

[Customization of 250 Character and Equipment Items]
– Collect cool avatars in Mega Zombie M, each avatar has different abilities and personalities

Mega Zombie M

[Various Game Modes]
-There are many Game Modes in Mega Zombie M and various maps that always change every Match Battle. Playing solo or as a team will get more experience by surviving and fighting zombies and enemies from other teams

Mega Zombie M
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