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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Praetor : Medieval Roguelite (by Niji Games)

A game inspired by Risk Of Rain 1, a roguelite-based game with the concept of scaling up based on running time.

Players are required to fight and strengthen themselves by buying items, after feeling strong, players can challenge the boss and advance to the next stage.

Praetor : Medieval Roguelite

There are several biomes that can be explored, with different types of enemies in each biome or stage. There are also costumes or armor that you can buy and use to make your battle feel even more exciting.

Praetor : Medieval Roguelite

There are various items with 3 rarities that you can get in the game to help you fight and survive in the game.

Praetor : Medieval Roguelite

This game is still in the early access stage and will continue to be updated as time goes by.

Praetor : Medieval Roguelite

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