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Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Match of Spellblade (by ROLLINGJ)

Become a spellblade armed with sword and shield magic and defeat powerful monsters in a world of strategic puzzle battles.

Numerous stages and monsters are available. Get your equipment in order, strengthen your magic and go on an adventure now that monsters are waiting for you!

Puzzle battles that require strategy
Match swords, shields, and various magic blocks to attack.
Don’t let the monsters get stronger by matching monster blocks.

Spellblade Growth
Gain experience and level up to improve your hero’s ability value.
Arm your hero by acquiring items through combat.

Match of Spellblade

Magic and Combat
Attack monsters with offensive magic and heal your hero with recovery magic.
Strengthen your magic for more powerful effects.

Match of Spellblade

Powerful Equipment and Collecting
Rare weapons and armor can be obtained as loot.
Equipment can be strengthened to become more powerful.

Match of Spellblade

Various stages
There are stages in various environments and numerous monsters with different attributes.
Get more loot through stages that will be added through updates.

Game Modes
A basic adventure mode is provided, with a hard mode for challenge and a defeat mode.

You can compete with your hero’s level, combat power, and stage progress.

Match of Spellblade
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