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The description of Dungeon & Stones : Match-3 RPG (by Wemade Play Co.,Ltd.)

City of heroes invaded by enemies.
The heroes fight back, but are not enough to stop the invasion. Then, the Grand Priest Meruel saves the city from the danger.
The power of the Lifestone is needed to save Meruel!

Heroes, go forth and find the Lifestone!

Real-Time Strategy Match 3 Puzzle RPG
Play match 3 puzzles and defeat the enemies.
Match the blocks of your heroes’ elements, and take enemies down using unique strategies.
You can create Power Stones & Dragon Stones to attack.
Play match 3 puzzles filled with various elements of Flame, Ice, Nature, Light, and Dark.

Dungeon & Stones : Match-3 RPG

Match 5 Different Elemental Stones
Each block belongs to a Flame, Ice, Nature, Light, or Dark type.
Elements are strong or weak against one another, and the element will affect the damage.
Achieve victory by strategic match 3 puzzle play.
Deal double or half the damage based on the elements.

Dungeon & Stones : Match-3 RPG

Lead a Legion of Heroes
Collect heroes to create your own unique team for battles.
Place the right heroes for the battle based on its skills, grade, and class.
Target the enemy to attack, and use Battle Points to utilize the Battle Items.
Summon and upgrade heroes to next level using Hero Shards.

Dungeon & Stones : Match-3 RPG

Strategic Growth & Diverse Adventures
Upgrade heroes to boost the Combat Power, and reach a certain level to Awaken your heroes.
Get upgrade materials by playing strategy match 3 puzzle battle.
Get the materials from places including the Blacksmith, Market, and Abandoned Ruins.
Enhance your heroes, and save the city from the invasion!

Dungeon & Stones : Match-3 RPG

Thrilling Diverse Contents
Play competitive PvPs like the Arena and Guild Wars to be honored as the best commander.
Use the Auto Battle mode to level your heroes in a blink.
Get immersed in the diverse story of strategy match 3 puzzle RPG, Dungeon & Stones.
Summon, collect, and awaken the heroes to heal Meruel.

Available: Google Play – DE, AU, CA, ID

Dungeon & Stones : Match-3 RPG

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