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The description of Magic Chess

Magic Chess is a competitive strategy game for 8 players. Players can recruit heroes, distribute equipment, and place heroes wisely to win battles. During the setup phase of each round, choose and position your heroes using strategy. Then get ready for a fierce auto battle to begin. With each round, the loser’s health points will decrease. Your ultimate goal is to reduce the health points of all players to zero, thereby eliminating your opponents and winning.

Enter the exciting world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and recruit many powerful heroes. Each hero has an individual attack style and a set of exceptional skills that can be improved over the course of the game. Upgrade your heroes in a variety of ways, such as leveling up, equipping them with equipment, and activating link effects. During a match, you have the opportunity to recruit up to 10 heroes!

Little commander
Take on the role of a commander and lead your heroes to victory. You have a variety of commanders at your disposal, each with unique skills, and you have to choose the one that perfectly suits your battle strategy. Discover the perfect relationships between different commander skills and heroes. Use them to gain unprecedented advantages in battle.

Magic Chess

Gold system
Earn and save gold to unlock an amazing income bonus. Your winning or losing streaks can also earn you additional rewards in the form of gold. Use gold to assemble an invincible team of heroes. And wisely sell heroes that are no longer needed to return precious gold.

Magic Chess

Interconnection system
Interconnection is the core gameplay of Magic Chess, offering different fighting styles and countless strategies. The game has several roles and factions to interact with. Even though most heroes belong to specific factions and roles, some of them can have up to 3 different relationships.

Magic Chess

Hero placement
Strategic placement of heroes is critical. Typically, heroes that deal less damage should be placed in the back row, and tanking ones should be placed in the front row. Change your formation depending on different situations and enemy placement.

Magic Chess

Equipment system
You can equip heroes with items that increase their combat power. They can be obtained by defeating monsters or opening the Destiny Box. Each hero can equip a maximum of 3 items, so it is extremely important to choose and strengthen key heroes correctly.

Box of Destiny
The Destiny Box appears every few rounds and offers a range of random items and (valuable) heroes. The commander with the least health points will choose first, and the one with the most will choose last.

Magic Chess

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