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Early access – Open Beta Test

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Mafia Secrets (by SINGAPORE JUST GAME TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD.)

Dive into the thrilling world of ! Take charge of the family business, lead your crew to conquer new turf, master the art of property operation, and ascend the ranks gradually to claim your position as the ultimate godfather of the underworld!

A. Run the Show: Immerse yourself in a realistic gangster simulation,fighting for territory and power. Unlock diverse industries and run them like a pro!

B. Build Your Crew: Recruit renowned gang members, train them up, and equip them with deadly skills. Guns, knives, or bare hands – your crew, your rules.

Mafia Secrets: Hidden Objects

C. Team Up for Glory: Form alliances with fellow players, strategize, and outshine rival alliances in intense battles.

Mafia Secrets: Hidden Objects

D. Beauty and Romance: Interacting with captivating beauties through the Secretary system. Give gifts, build bonds, and unlock skills that provide bonuses to a designated Capo.

Mafia Secrets: Hidden Objects

E. Offspring and Family: Boost your reputation, bear and nurture offspring, and bolster Combat Power to ensure the prosperity of your family in this ruthless underworld.

Available: Google Play – US

Mafia Secrets: Hidden Objects

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