Lone Defenders • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

Lone Defenders • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

Lone Defenders • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Lone Defenders (by Apero Game Global)

Lone Defenders: Puzzle Survival and Defense Games
In the world of Enotias, you will explore new lands and become a puzzle defender hero who fights monsters. With puzzle-solving games, use your hero skill and ingenuity to decipher each symbol. Once you have matched up all of the symbols with their corresponding monsters, destroy them by bringing those symbols into position!

Beware of the monsters you must fight. You will also encounter powerful BOSSES, so make sure they don’t get close to your village before defeating them.

Party Hero (1 character selected by the player) stands in front of other party members.
There are 5 icons at the bottom of your screen in different shapes.
Monsters will appear from portals located at random positions around the screen.
Sometimes villagers will teleport through these portals.
The gates are fixed with equal distance from the gates to the party.

Lone Defenders

Puzzle Match Games Progression
Heroes attack and kill monsters until the party hero runs out of HP. The party has an HP of 1.
The monsters will rush from the portals to the party location (preconfigured speed). The hero will always aim for the nearest monster (with a large target on the monster’s body).
If you press the wrong symbol, Hero will be stunned for 1s
Letting 1 monster touch, the player loses.

Lone Defenders

Mechnism of killing monsters
To kill a monster, the player will have to tap an icon of the image below that matches the image attached to that monster. If wrong, the hero will be stunned for 1s
Monsters will be destroyed instantly if clicked correctly (projectile from party flies fast)

Lone Defenders

It’s okay not to save the villager, but then they will use it as a kind of resource to unlock other processes. Villagers will also appear at the portals.
Villagers rushed towards the party. When touching the party will automatically save, but during that time the player must not press the corresponding number on the villager. If you press them, they will be shot by mistake and die.

Why should you play this defenders strategy game?
More than 100 levels with increasing difficulty levels.
Multiple game modes to challenge your brain
No Internet required, you can still access and play easily
2D graphics, smooth visual effects.
Intuitive, easy-to-use game console.

Lone Defenders

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