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Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Eternal Era: Light and Dark (by YS-Game)

During the ancient times, the Demon Race provoked a terrifying war. This protracted battle caused the world to be torn apart.
In the end, the Demon Race lost the battle and retreated to a barren realm, never to be heard from again.
The Divine Race occupied the Heavenly Realm, and the Human Race stayed in the Human Realm.

Game Features
Exquisite Game World
The ingenious painters have spent a lot of effort on the scenes, characters, monsters, pets and other models. The scenes are exquisite, the models are finely sculpted, the characters are stylish, and the decorations are exquisite, leading the trend.

Eternal Era: Light and Dark

Free VIP
Are you still envious of other people’s high VIP levels? This game VIP free! Free! Free! Important things to say 3 times! Fighting BOSS will drop VIP experience, VIP12 is at your fingertips, enjoy the honorable privileges!

Eternal Era: Light and Dark

Best Experience
With numerous weather systems, unique NPC interaction quests, and a smooth combat experience, this game never loses the heat of the experience.

Eternal Era: Light and Dark

Equipment freedom, Unlimited growth
The game has a large number of BOSS, burst rate are super high, the real “equipment all rely on fighting”. Even if you drop the equipment of other professions, you can also exchange with other players

Eternal Era: Light and Dark

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