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The description of Legend of Survivors (by ABI Game Studio)

Once the peaceful kingdom crumble under the assault with hordes of creepy monsters. The world is on the brink of collapse, the villagers crumble under the assault of monstrous hordes. As one of the last survivors, you must rise to the challenge and fight for your future. Can you become The Legend of Survivor?

How to play
– Swipe to move around the hordes of creeps and monsters.
– Attack the monsters with your powerful skills.
– Upgrade your skills and become the mighty Survivor.
– Discover the Land of Survivor with various game modes.

Legend of Survivors

– Epic Wars: Lead your heroes into deadly battles against overwhelming monsters and creeps, empower your strategic skills and powerful magic.
– Survival Challenge: Collect the gems, upgrade your skill and watch your hero become stronger.
– Brutal Battles: Master the art of combat, learn the mystic skills, and unlock a huge arsenal of weapons to overcome your enemies.
– Become a Hero: Forge your legend through a complete storyline, comple challenging quests and facing legendary monsters.
– Explore the Kingdom: Get on a free roam in the Land of Survivor, compete in challenges of the Arena or defend yourself in the Devil Tower.
– The Last Warrior Stands: Strengthen your combat skills, become a master of survival, and emerge as the ultimate Legend of Survivor.

Do you have what it takes to be the Man, the Myth, the Legend? Join the ranks of Survivors and write your own epic tale in the Legend of Survivors!

Legend of Survivors

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