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The description of Leaps of Ages (by Era Evolutions Co Limited)

Leaps of Ages is a civilization-themed, city-building and strategy game. Experience the role of a civilization’s leader and lead the populace toward continuous development and expansion, building a civilization whose name will last for eternity.

Era Progression

Lead the people on a daring discovery of the unknown. Choose your technology development path and complete the evolution from the primitive Stone Age to the dark Middle Ages, and onwards into the marvelous future ages, reproducing all of the cornerstone inventions of human history.

World Wonders

Experience the charms of history’s greatest civilizations, building famous wonders of the world and making your cities into civilizational landmarks.

Unique Troop Types

Recruit troop types from various civilizations and eras, with the possibility of seeing cavemen fight tanks and airplanes on the battlefield. Each troop type has its own specialty, and only by playing to strengths and avoiding weaknesses can you overcome the enemy.

Freedom to Build

Freely build your cities, giving them the forms you desire.

Leaps of Ages

Domestic Management

Manage the city’s affairs by increasing its manpower and optimally assigning them to various production industries, growing your economy and developing new technologies.

Epic Stories

Take part in epic stories like the Greco-Persian Wars, the Peloponnesian war, and the Rise of the Roman Empire, using economic, diplomatic, and military means to influence the course of history.

Legendary Leaders

The legendary leaders of the world’s civilizations will appear one after another. Invite them as allies to join your city, fight with them side by side or ask them to assist with management. Whether or not the talents of these giants of history are fully realized will be decided by you.

Leaps of Ages

Real-Time Battle

Engage in real-time and large-scale strategy-based battles. Plan your formations and send them out, using famous generals across history as key factors that shift the battle.

Form Alliances

Create an Alliance with other players, advancing through collaboration and developing the Alliance’s territory

Available: Google Play – US

Leaps of Ages

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