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The description of League of Masters (by ActionPay)

The game takes you to the distant past, the times when magical creatures lived on Earth together with people: elves, orcs, dwarves, jinns, and many others.

Explore the world of the auto battler League of masters in the PvE campaign mode, join the crusade against chaos, and jump into battlegrounds with new allies in your battle squad! You have 12 commanders and over 50 fighters with unique abilities to strengthen your tactics in the strategy game, defeat your enemies, and save the world from Evil.

League of Masters
League of Masters

Prepare to dive into adventure, flashy battles, and spectacular clashes! There’s much more than just a PvE campaign: raid enemy castles, enjoy flying solo, or take up PvP team fights in the battle arena.

League of Masters
League of Masters

Plunge into the unique atmosphere of autochess, and savor its fascinating story and vibrant graphics. If nonstop adventures, legendary battles, and spectacular victories are your thing, this auto battler is just what the doctor ordered!

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League of Masters

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