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💡 Platform – Android, iOS, Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS5, XBOX

The description of iLLANG (by Challengers Games)

Gather a group of friends and hunt down the Illang (wolf) hiding in Koji Village!
In the peaceful Koji Village, a wolf in sheep’s clothing is hiding among its citizens, plotting to hunt you and your friends down.

Complete various mini-game missions before he catches you,
and team up with your friends to catch him!


Work together or turn against each other to emerge victorious in this exciting tug-of-war of deception!


Game Features
– Cute and adorable chibi characters!
– Various mini-games such as Flower Bloom, Cat Finder, Treasure Hunt and more!
– Missions and skills that vary depending on your character’s role!
– Wide range of customization options for outfits, accessories, pets, etc.
– Communicate with your friends via text chat, voice chat, and more!

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