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Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

Languages: English, Italian

The description of Il Tesoro di Mica la Formica (by Intesa Sanpaolo SPA)

Mica hides a treasure at the Museum of Saving… go run and look for it!
The Museum challenges you to test your wit with the app “The Treasure of Mica the Ant”!

How? Simple!

First step: download the app and decide whether to play alone or with your friends.

Second step: follow the app’s instructions and find the codes hidden in the museum rooms: each code will give you the opportunity to unlock a question.

Il Tesoro di Mica la Formica

Third Step: challenge Mica in the mini-game and reach the final stage to prove that you are a true fan of the Museum!

Il Tesoro di Mica la Formica

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