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Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Idle RPG Tokyo Sengoku Dungeon (by Just Idea)

Completely Free Gacha × Instant Battle RPG

Collect cute characters and battle in this “Super Easy, Casual RPG.” Acquire battle princesses through free gacha and take on dungeons!

Game Introduction:

Gather battle princesses reincarnated from the era of feudal Japan and defeat the “Darkness of the Heavens”!
Numerous characters inheriting the souls of famous warlords appear!
Super easy to play with full auto-battle.
Various elements like status and skills significantly affect the outcome of battles!
Characters automatically become stronger by just drawing free gacha!
Loaded with in-depth elements like exploration and relics!
No additional downloads required! A low-storage, easy-to-play RPG!

The Story:
The year is 2035, and Tokyo is engulfed in darkness…

With the sudden appearance of the “Darkness of the Heavens,” beings corrupted by darkness bare their fangs against humanity.

Standing against them are girls endowed with the souls of feudal warlords and the power of demons.

The battle of the “War Princesses” begins now…

방치형 RPG 도쿄 센고쿠 던전

Recommended For:

Fans of Japanese-style games
Those who don’t want to spend on mobile games
Players looking for a quick, stress-free gaming experience
Those who enjoy playing in their spare time
Seeking a sense of achievement without much effort
Wanting to indulge in free gacha

방치형 RPG 도쿄 센고쿠 던전

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