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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Dragon Slayer : IDLE RPG (by Act Seven Entertainment Inc.)

“The Legend born from the Blue Flames!
Join the saga of a warrior tracking the Blue Dragon!”
Nostalgic RPG with juiciness in 2D pixel graphics!
Real Idle RPG with Retro mood

Dynamic and Juicy Hitting Sense!
Not Just a Cute Pixel Graphic!
The Refreshing Juiciness emanating from Cute 2D Characters!

Away From Keyboard(AFK)! It’s Idle Game!
No more Complicated Idle Games with Busy Touching!
Truly Idle System that can be Played Conveniently!
Portrait mobile game that you can enjoy freely with only one hand.

Dragon Slayer : IDLE RPG

Fast-paced Combat with Mounts!
From Chick and Pig to Dragon!
More Powerful Battle with Various Mounts!

Dragon Slayer : IDLE RPG

Your Own Stylish Customization!
Make Your Own Character!
With Unique and Charismatic Costume Combinations.

Dragon Slayer : IDLE RPG

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