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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Animal Quest: Idle RPG (by gameberry studio(Idle RPG, Simulation)

A hilarious rebellion of unique animals!
A mobile game about animals’ adventures to a mysterious tree!

Collect your own cute animals!
Cute and charming animals are here!
Build your own squad of unique animals.

Infinite equipment draws!
No more endless grinding & endless hunting RPGs!
Swing your hammer and your gear will come out!

Your own animals that grow every time you log in!
Easy and quick to raise without any burden!
You can get various items even when you’re not online!

Animal Quest: Idle RPG

Unique appearance
Great looking items made with pixels!
Customize your animals with a variety of new looks!

Animal Quest: Idle RPG

Big Boss Challenges
From various monsters to powerful giant bosses!
Defeat bosses that appear in each area, including dungeons!

A mysterious tree suddenly springs up in the peaceful land,
the world has been opened to new adventures.

This special tree is surrounded by magical powers,
when struck with a large hammer, powerful equipment appears with a mystical glow.

Adventurers set out to find the tree to get these items,
but there are many monsters and dangers lurking around the tree.

When the animals hear about this, they set out to find the mystical tree in their own region…

Animal Quest: Idle RPG

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