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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Pixel Knights : Idle RPG (by SUPERBOX Inc)

A gorgeous idle RPG with 2.5D pixel art graphics!
Raise the best knights in the world of Pixel Fantasia!

◆ Easy, fast, and amazingly fast growth!
A fast-paced idle RPG with tons of rewards!

◆ Feel the unparalleled speed and impact of your skills!
Exciting action battles!
Blast through all the monsters with spectacular skills and action!

Pixel Knights : Idle RPG

◆ Raise a knight with a unique appearance!
Train 4 cute and cuddly characters at the same time to create the best knights!

Pixel Knights : Idle RPG

◆ Lots of fun to combine, grow, and adventure!
Grow like crazy with merge content and tons of growth content,
Enjoy and break through worlds, dungeons, raids, infinity towers, and more!

Pixel Knights : Idle RPG

◆ The same even if you are offline!
Offline reward system with no difference from online!
You can turn it off when you’re busy and still get the same rewards as when you’re connected!

Pixel Knights : Idle RPG

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