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The description of Mobile Dungeon: Idle RPG (by Playa Games)

Hear ye, hear ye, fellow Traveler!

From the creators of Shakes & Fidget, join us in a new epic fantasy RPG adventure. Get ready to accept our new quest and embark on the wackiest dungeon crawler!
The bards of the realm already sing their songs of a new fun game!
And their ballads go like this:

“Welcome to Mobile Dungeon, a merry RPG show,
Where dungeons are playgrounds and laughter does flow.
In a world so absurd, where the champions are wacky,
Embark on a journey that’s utterly tacky.
In dungeons bizarre, where the strange materializes,
An epic crawl awaits, full of comical surprises.
Goblins with whoopee cushions and disco-dancing trolls,
Every step is a giggle, every challenge, pure gold.
In arenas of madness, where the PvP is a delight,
Craft strategies that boggle, in the absurdity of the fight.
Real-time showdowns with champions so funny,
Outwit your foes with humor, emerge as the bunny.
Summon your team, a carnival absurdity,
From pranking goblins to chickens of sincerity.
Craft a crew with synergy both potent and mad,
In the land of wizards, it’s a team-building fad.
Mobile Dungeon, where laughter takes flight,
In a RPG world that’s whimsically bright.
A celebration of mirth, a fantastical cheer,
Join us in the Dungeon, where the funny is near!”

Mobile Dungeon: Idle RPG

Collect tons of different units, good and evil characters, monsters and animals. Hunt or recruit them to shape your party and defeat any threat that stands in your way.

Form your party and strategize unbeatable lineups to overcome your enemies in battle. From very nasty seagulls to bulky orcs, each formation will grant specific skills and unique buffs.

Mobile Dungeon: Idle RPG

Immerse yourself in a fantastical world where the legends are as diverse as they are ludicrous. From the legendary feats of a tea-sipping sorcerer to the epic tales of a hero who communicates solely in limericks, the whimsy never ends. Explore, laugh, and uncover the legends that define this one-of-a-kind RPG

So let the fun run free, by this here royal decree!

Mobile Dungeon: Idle RPG

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