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Official Launch – iOS – English added

💡 Platform – iOS| Android (Pre-registration)

The description of The Imp: Idle JRPG (by Gyttio)

More than 60 shikigami are waiting for you to collect!

The Imp : Idle JRPG is a Japanese-style role-playing game and developed by a Japanese team. Players can combine a squad with cute imp from immortal, demon, humanity, nether tribes, command them in arena battles, Japanese countryside, clan boss fights,story missions and made a love-hate relationship romantic journey. It will really satisfy your cute-taste buds!

You can combine 100+ cute imp to fight against others from global, to explore the legend story of leading role Yin, and stop the demon king from being a disaster in the world; Join the alliance, defeat the trial leader together, and get rich rewards!

– Japanese-style monster, cute and powerful imp

More than 60 mythical and historical characters from all over the world. Different faiths partner to accompany you on your journey to another world! Form one of the most cohesive gaming experiences in the battle collection RPG genre!

The Imp: Idle JRPG

– Let the imp accompany you at every idle time

Casual gameplay, burden-free PVP combat experience. Take 10 minutes a day and small efforts but get rich rewards, easy to become stronger at your idle time! Refuse to become a “”game wage earner””!

The Imp: Idle JRPG

– Chat with millions of imp fans from worldwide

With the powerful chat insert in the game, exchange preferences and interests! More rich and diverse gameplay, and fulfill and interesting adventure together!

The Imp: Idle JRPG

– Decompose your imp to cultivate the strongest role in community!

No worry about the investment recycled, all the training resources can be returned by decomposition! Player can get a lot of training materials back by recycling imp!

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