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💡 Platform – Android

The description of IDLE Ghost Knight (by Dreamplay Games)

A village ruined by Mammon, the devil of greed.
With a living sword and a shield in hand, Ghost Knight!
Now revenge is in your hands.

Endless Idle RPG
– Keep your hands free.
– Grow endlessly through various Dungeons!

IDLE Ghost Knight

The Sword and Shield Mammon was looking for
– Feed the Living Sword and Shield.
– Feed them to evolve and become more powerful!

IDLE Ghost Knight

Unique Effects
– Power up unique effects with different triggers.
– You can set your sword on fire or defeat a monster in one shot!

IDLE Ghost Knight

Various items, endless Quests
– Artifacts, necklaces, and rings are essential to grow stronger.
– Infinite Quests to keep you on track.

Offline growth
– Magical Golden Box that collects goods both online and offline!

IDLE Ghost Knight

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