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Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Class: Idle Farming RPG (by STORMRISE Inc.)

Chase, the world of lost things, is in danger! Due to a mistake made by the great alchemist Grand Master, a dimensional rift is created, and beings from other worlds are flocking to the chase. Find the Grand Master’s whereabouts and save Chase!

3 color classes, 3 color charm
Experience the strength of a warrior, the agility of a hunter, and the splendor of a wizard in one game.

Idle type more fun than MMORPG
An easy to enjoy MMORPG style idle game! Get started right now.

The world of alchemy at your fingertips
Collect various alchemy ingredients and research recipes to create legendary equipment.

클래스 : 방치형 파밍 RPG

A thrilling adventure through the chase
Embark on a dangerous and mysterious chase that only existed in your imagination.

The golden age of alt characters
Alt characters are the key to increasing your family’s power! Experience new classes as alt characters and make your family prosper.

클래스 : 방치형 파밍 RPG

A class that becomes stronger even if you turn it off and rest
Zero effort! Grow quickly and easily through offline farming in the Temple of Harvest.

Enjoy 8 types of growth systems and grow freely.

클래스 : 방치형 파밍 RPG

Feel the thrill of going beyond your limits through 8 types of challenging content.

Guilds and PVP are even more fun together! Enjoy it together with your friends.

클래스 : 방치형 파밍 RPG

Tame monsters and create your own monster summon. Strong monsters become strong summons.

Enjoy thrilling action swag with amazing benefits every day.

Available: Google Play – KR

클래스 : 방치형 파밍 RPG
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