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The description of Legend of Cat: Idle Action RPG (by Sample games)

Urgent! Urgent! The owner has vanished! Could it be…a kidnapping?
Join the kitty cat’s courageous journey to rescue the kidnapped owner. Harness your power in a mysterious world and strategize to save your human!

This is no ordinary feline – he’s not just cute, he’s the strategic hero of this rescue mission!

Legend of Cat: Idle Action RPG

Game Description:
Rapidly Evolving Cat: Ever seen a cat grow so quickly and effortlessly? Experience a rapid rescue journey with a cat that evolves even when left to its own devices!

Exceptional Skills: Cat kneading? Pawing? That’s just the tip of the iceberg! Unleash a series of unique cat skills for powerful victories!

Tactical Skill Combination: This cat’s not just brawn – he’s brains, too! Combine your preferred skills to form a formidable feline. Simplify your strategy, upgrade your skills, and unlock unbeatable synergy!

Legend of Cat: Idle Action RPG

Thrill of Hack and Slash: Don’t blink, or you’ll miss the electrifying boss battles! Take them down with powerful hits and relish the exciting combination of rapid growth and high-stakes action!

Calling All Cat Lovers: Whether they’re cute, cunning, or cool – we’ve got a cat for you! Experience double the fun with our variety of chic and charming cats! This cat action RPG is the purr-fect game for cat enthusiasts, cat otakus, and cat experts!

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