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The description of Hurrah Stone (by Dazzlefun Entertainment Limited)

Hurrah Hurrah!
Welcom to the Stone Age Adventure!
Log in to the game to get infinite treasure chests。

Have you ever imagined a carefree treasure hunt surrounded with dino stone age fun? Join now!
This will be a brand new adventure for those who love simple strategy games with progress!

Run through the forest, open treasure boxes and meet all the ancient creatures! Become the supreme power of the stone age kingdom.


Easy, addictive and carefree
Open infinite chests with supper high drop chance. Collect all kinds of equipments and get stronger while you eat, sleep, work or any moment in between!

Hurrah Stone

Gear up and unlock mighty skills
Make your own tactical combinations of skills. This allows you to create your own persional class and gameplay style. Define your tactics and dominate the forest!

Train a Dino as your personal pet
Tyrannosaurus rex, velocisaurus, smilodon, mammoth… All dinos and prehistoric creatures can be your personal pets, which will grow and level up alone with you! Prepare your traps and good luck.

Hurrah Stone

Roguelike! Explore neolithic dungeon
Discover lairs and attack the dungeon with your own style and strategy. You will never know about the next boss.

Hurrah Stone

Guard your cave and loot other’s
Makeover and firm your own cave as your home, at the same time, loot for more food and resources effortlessly from others.

Team up or battle with players worldwide
Form your tribe, help each other with your friends and families. Enjoy all kinds of bonuses and benefits by teaming-up!

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