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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Heroic Uncle Kim (by GA Studio Inc.)


  • * 1 Epic Weapon Spirit – Ifrit
  • * 900 Dragon Orb
  • * 2,024 Gems
  • * 2,024 Key
  • * 10+1 Summon Ticket (x10)

Join the hilariously heroic journey with “Heroic Uncle Kim – Idle RPG: A Laugh-Epic Adventure”! Join our lovable protagonist, Uncle Kim, as your guide to an extraordinary realm where heroes are as quirky as they are courageous. Picture a world where the hero doesn’t just fight the monster but also tells dad jokes and challenges you to laugh-offs!

Your Ultimate Comedy Escape.
Embark on Uncle Kim’s riotous escapades in Uncle Kim Comics and Dad Jokes – where laughter is the treasure, and each panel is a rollercoaster of comedic chaos! Get ready for a side-splitting adventure that turns every page into a joyride of hilarity!

Heroic Uncle Kim

Embark on Journeys Across Various Realms.
Embark on an idle RPG journey through cosmic chaos – from dragon-sized surprises to funky-crab-disco realms. Battle in celestial chill zones and beach parties with sandcastles towering over your character. Welcome to the isekai sitcom of epic encounters!

Heroic Uncle Kim

Recruit Pets who bring joy, snacks, and maybe a map.
Collect cute critters and their fabulous wardrobe for attack boosts that scream, “My pet’s fashion is as deadly as its bite!” Because in this game, the only thing more dangerous than enemies is a stylish sidekick!

Heroic Uncle Kim

Craft Your Own Legendary Weapons!
Because nothing says “I mean business” like slaying dragons with a sword that doubles as a spatula. In this game, even the monsters will appreciate your legendary sense of fancy weapon!

Heroic Uncle Kim

Action Packed Game Modes!
Mini-games, big laughs! Brace yourself for minigames more action-packed than a cat chasing a laser pointer. It’s the ultimate finger workout with bonus rounds of unexpected hilarity – because who said small couldn’t be seriously funny?

Heroic Uncle Kim

Style Your Character With Epic Costumes!
Spruce up your character in costumes so snazzy, even the in-game monsters start taking fashion notes. Attack animations are so eye-catching, enemies will beg for a pause button to admire the style. Level up with laughs and looks!

Heroic Uncle Kim
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