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Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Hero Rush (by Mechanist Internet Technologies Co., Ltd.)

Be your own hero, venture through the demon-infested wastelands, and hunt down the Abominations! You are more powerful than you think: mow down the swarming demon hordes with style!
Pierce through your enemies from a distance, knock them flying in a brawl, or strike them into oblivion with your magical lightning…

Choose the hero who best fits your play style!
Survive in ancient ruins, explore the unknown, and push your limit — more wonders and glories await!

Hero Rush

Features: – Three different heroes. Switch up whenever you like! – Roguelite gameplay. Create infinite skill combos! – Annihilate an entire horde of demons with each attack! – Control with one hand for a fun and cathartic experience!

Hero Rush

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