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The description of Headless Knight: Idle RPG (by Hardy Zemlak)

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  • Headless Knight iOS Official Launch

Sir Nicholas’s fury unleashed a perilous disaster,
Bringing endless suffering to the mortal realm,
Knights’ heads cast into hell, their bodies fed to dogs and vultures.
Now, exiled warrior goddesses are the last hope,
Seeking bonds with them, knights will regain their fighting spirit.
Knights, unite in battle and restore peace to the world!

Journey to Restore the Light in Subworld
The world’s brightness is gradually fading, and your memories are like fleeting flashes, but the sole belief is to rescue your endangered family from the clutches of the dragon. Hone your skills, find every exiled princess, listen to their stories, reclaim the once glorious abilities and the invincible Holy Sword, and rebuild the immortal achievements of the Subworld.

Headless Knight: Idle RPG - Official iOS

A Group of Lovely Princesses
You need to collect and dress up the most beautiful princesses and establish unbreakable bonds, including but not limited to:
– Talia, who faces challenges with a giant sword, residing by the azure lake accompanied by butterflies.
– Cinderella, donning a dark red gown, a master of puppetry, hiding in a silver castle with crystal shoes.
– Pirate Queen, with waist-length red hair, carrying ancient cannons on her shoulders, swaying gently with the ship’s mast.
– Time Witch, tightly holding the wheel of time, enjoying lazy and sweet sunlight in the rose ocean.

Headless Knight: Idle RPG - Official iOS

Arena of World Knights
Facing the ruthless ultimatum of the dragon, choose to have the ultimate showdown with the strongest knights of the Subworld. You will confront thousands of knights globally in a head-to-head PK, and the only Temple Knight to achieve victory will gain admiration from the masses, wearing the steel Holy Sword to battle the source of evil.

Headless Knight: Idle RPG - Official iOS

Battlefield Camaraderie
Nine other companions in the guild look up to you, drinks flow and are refilled, occupying the Subworld where the evil dragon invades our territory and disturbs our families. Brave sons must fight and die for their homeland, and their corpses wrapped in horsehide will stain the evil spirits with blood.

Headless Knight: Idle RPG - Official iOS

Explosive Combat Skills
According to the dragon-slaying battle scenes, summon princess companions reasonably, eliminate evil spirits and dragons one by one, and reach the Dragon’s Treasury.
In the countless battles, gradually master dazzling combat skills at the level of animated movies, and unleash a myriad of swords to claim the dragon’s heads.


Headless Knight: Idle RPG - Official iOS

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