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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Harbor City with Puzzle (by Roti-x Inc)

Ever dreamt of creating a thriving city, discovering uncharted islands, and becoming a master sailor? Harbor City is a 3-match puzzle game that combines the fun of puzzle play, city building, and trade.

Match sparkling gems

• Swap gems and use items in fun match 3 puzzles. Grow your port city by clearing challenging levels and earning rewards.
• Build a bustling city from start to finish! Unlock unique buildings, upgrade landmarks, and turn your island into a paradise.
• Set sail and explore the vast ocean. Famous cities from around the world await you!

• Become a skillful sailor and turn the gems you collect into useful items.
• Meet famous people with different professions in your city, who will help you in your match-3 game and city building.
• Build faster and more luxurious ships to trade with more cities.

Harbor City with Puzzle

• Solve puzzles and participate in boat races, tree planting, roulette festivals, fireworks, and more. You’ll also need to solve cases in your city.
• Solve brain-teasing side quests and make your city beautiful!

Harbor City with Puzzle

Game Features
• A match-3 adventure for everyone: Easy to learn, but endless depth and challenges await you.
• City Building: Create the island paradise of your dreams, brick by brick with sparkling gems.
• The fun of trade: Build awesome ships and send them to famous cities

Available: Google Play – PH

Harbor City with Puzzle
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