Go Heroes! • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

Go Heroes! • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

Go Heroes! • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

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Early access Beta

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Go Heroes! (by Cloudcade, Inc.)

Explore the land of Aragonia as you build a team of heroes to traverse through the ever-expanding borders into the deep unknown…

Recruit and arm a team of mythical heroes to charge your way across uncharted territory and occupy land to harvest valuable resources. Turn these resources into epic equipment to power up your heroes and build a well-fortified defense with walls and towers to fend off persisting threats of invasion. Rise to the challenge and build a mighty stronghold to fend off terrifying monsters that stand in your wake! Experience an idle hero collection RPG like no other, where every strategic decision you make will make the difference between victory and defeat.

Craft your strategy by employing the art of war and optimize your hero formation to reap the fruits of battle. Strategic building selection and lineup combos will effectively make the difference between a successful defense and invasion! So what are you waiting for? Install Go Heroes! for FREE to experience the next generation of idle AFK battlers and join the millions of players worldwide to etch your name across the leaderboards!

Go Heroes!
Go Heroes!

COLLECT & SUMMON epic heroes to build the ultimate formation
COMMAND & CONQUER a squad of heroes to claim uncharted land
BUILD & EXPAND walls and defense towers to fortify your stronghold

Go Heroes!
Go Heroes!

UPGRADE & ASCEND mythical heroes to unlock hidden skills and abilities
CRAFT & EQUIP heroes with legendary gear to enhance their power
FORM STRATEGIC BATTLE lineups and defenses to maximize AFK rewards

Available: Google Play – US, PH

Go Heroes!
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