Ghost Discator • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

Ghost Discator • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

Ghost Discator • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of The Horror: มือปราบผี (by JJHK)

Gathering the ghost hunters Eliminate evil! Guaranteed by the heroine of 300 million Bella Ranee Kampen!

Asia’s first realistic ghost hunting MMO mobile game that took 3 years to create has arrived!

You will become a ghost hunter from Thailand. and join the exciting ghost hunting journey with other ghost hunters from Asia.

Game scene

At the beginning of the 20th century, when the situation changed The war erupted The whole land was filled with vengeful spirits. as a ghost hunter from Thailand to prevent the Thousand Year Demon King from falling out of the seal. So you use the spell to defeat the demon seal the devil again. but who would have known that something would go wrong? The power of the Rosary that you brought with you had awakened the Ghost Princess from her slumber. to save people So you summoned a magic alchemist who has a skill to control lightning. Deity who expels zombies And it also includes the use of spells to cure diseases. These were all from the ghost hunters who traveled from all over Asia. The battle of the century against the evil ghost princess is about to begin!

This game was created especially for Thai people. that strives to create the most realistic ghost hunting world with colorful Thai style Now call your most trusted friend. So let’s start an exciting ghost hunting adventure!

The Horror: มือปราบผี

Game identity

highly skilled ghost hunter Kill the evil spirits – experience the real Thai ghost hunting.

A story that will take you to experience the real Thai ghost gods – 「Phee Nang Rum」 「Phee Ghoul」 「Phee Prat」 「Phee Krahang」etc. The classic Thai ghosts await you at Masirarab.

A special class of sorcerer comes with a Brahmin outfit. Made for 100% Thai users. Ghost Killer Knife. protection talisman The Buddha Dharma has been around for hundreds of years. has a strong fighting power Whether facing alone with the most brutal enemy. or hordes of demons he will follow his way一一 and eliminate all ignorance

The Horror: มือปราบผี

The historical Bangkok scene will return again!

Full 3D large scene map The ultimate revival of the supernatural world Light and shadow graphic HDR screens will transport you to Bangkok in the early 20th century. Come walk the streets. And let’s witness the love and hate of an era.

The Horror: มือปราบผี

Set up a team of lovers Hunting ghosts for treasure without being alone.

Real-time team building Experience the real MMORPG treasure hunting fun, dungeon battle mechanics to crush the power of combat. Unique careers and clear dungeon divisions. Exciting team collaboration that will make you unable to stop !「Submit yourself as a disciple」 「Brother Swearing」 「Destiny of love」 「There is an heir.」 Join the game for free In a mysterious world that will make you no longer alone!

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The Horror: มือปราบผี
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