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Official Launch – Android + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of GATOR Zeroverse (by 上海好启来网络科技有限公司)

The Open Card Game Universe of GATOR_Zeroverse. Players need to assemble their own deck of 25 cards before the game-plays, and arrange them in the optimal order based on skills and card characteristics.

Stronger the Card Characters, more the Adventure levels you will pass to unlock more game-plays includes PVP Battles, Minning and Expedition, and higher in-game rewards.

We build a Grand Universes Concept composed of:

Zeroverse + Multiple Parallel Universes

Connecting by one best bounty hunter organization called GATOR

Each Parallel Universe represent a dungeon of GATOR_Zeroverse with unique content and NFT charactor cards set

Sharing a stable and commoneconomic system

GATOR Zeroverse - NFT
GATOR Zeroverse - NFT

GATOR_Zeroverse, driven by the initial purpose of the game producers and embracing the new blockchain technology, aspires to create an environment where both traditional and Web3 players can find enjoyment and profit while maintaining lasting ownership of their in-game assets, shape and forge itself and build an open, common and stable ecosystem collectively for the future.

GATOR Zeroverse - NFT
GATOR Zeroverse - NFT
GATOR Zeroverse - NFT

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GATOR Zeroverse - NFT

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