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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Freaky Duckling (by DHGames Limited)

If one day you obtain a peculiarly patterned duck egg with an eerie aura, would you choose to hatch it or discard it?
In Freaky Duckling, you will collect and incubate duck eggs with peculiar patterns. Strive to obtain items as much as possible, equip your ducks with them, and explore this quirky world of ducks!
Are you ready for a freaky quacking adventure like never before?

Game Features:
-Collect and incubate duck eggs with peculiar patterns, and obtain a vast amount of fanciful and powerful items!
-Complete different goals and the evolution to create unique ducks that only belong to you. See what extraordinary ducks you can create!

Freaky Duckling

-Synthesize and evolve your pets, battling alongside powerful and amusing companions;
-Strengthen freaky ducks’ equipment, enhance their power, and strive to survive in endless battles!

Freaky Duckling

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