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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Forge King (by Cat Lab)

Our adorable blacksmith King never tires. Crafting better and stronger weapons brings him joy. Collect various crafting designs and as you craft weapons, you’ll eventually create the most powerful weapon in the world.

Move the Golem.
The last hope of the kingdom in peril is the Golem. Crafting a giant sword will enable you to move the Golem to defeat enemies. Hurry to craft the giant sword at the center of the village.

Forge King

Embark on exciting adventures with warriors.
Defeat monsters appearing all over the kingdom and collect various materials. The residents are captured by monsters. Gather a party and equip weapons to rescue them all.

What is the most powerful legendary weapon?
The sword that defeated the demon king.
A sword made of dragon bones.
Or perhaps the bow carried by the archangel.
Embark on a journey to find hidden crafting designs.

Forge King

Join the last blacksmith in this world, the adorable King, and countless warriors to operate a forge and save the kingdom!

The sequel to ‘Warriors’ Market Mayhem’ has been released! More diverse adventures, item collection, and the growth of warriors await. Travel across the kingdom, collect materials, and create the forge that can make the most powerful weapons.

Forge King

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