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Farm & Survival • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

Farm & Survival • Android & Ios New Games – Game News

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Kong Island: Farm & Survival (by CSCMobi Studios)

Welcome to Kong Island – Farm and survive – A new adventure is waiting for you.

On the adventure for discovering the new island, your plane had to face an accident because of the bad weather. And only you are alive. Have you ever imagined that one day you were lost on a desert island before? There is nobody here, you don’t have a phone or any modern equipment to contact with your friends. What would you do? Start for action! You must fight to live and survive by yourself.

Kong Island: Farm & Survival

Looking for all available resources, farming, harvesting, surviving and of course, you can also rebuild and develop skull island on your way – Kong Island needs you.

Kong Island: Farm & Survival
Kong Island: Farm & Survival

Kong Island Adventure’s features:
Follow the story, many secrets and full of mysteries about Kong Island
Decorate your island with the wall of Kong, simulate a tropical island, choose flowers and plants that match the special landscapes of your island.
Explore: Move to new islands. Bring the treasures back to your farm islands.
Skills: Farm, harvest and survive. Find the debris on the bay isle and dig into the woods.
New life – New experience: Discover hidden treasures. Build a big town-ship or skull land on the beach side.

Kong Island: Farm & Survival
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