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The description of Far Light World (by Far Light World)

Welcome to Far Light World, a futuristic world full of mystery and technology. Recruit partners to solving challenging puzzles and using the power of match-3 to overthrow the sinister grasp of evil AI and CyberMorphs. Immerse yourself in an RPG experience like no other, with countless weapon and skill combinations waiting for you to explore. Enjoy classic match-3 fun while delving into the boundless potential of roguelike mechanics.

The future of human civilization hangs in the balance, and you hold its fate in your hands.

Clear gems of different colors to charge up skills! Traverse an innovative roguelike weapon system, customizing your arsenal as the skill pool adapts to your choices.

Load Drives for Guardians via S.T.Y.X. to build a strong squad. Gather resources like Gold and EXP from AFK effortlessly. Craft and upgrade equipment to become stronger!

Far Light World

Form a team of five Guardians to venture into the Darknet, battling monstrous CyberMorphs corrupted by Cthulhu’s dark forces. Defeat Bosses in AI Crisis and Cybertopia Havoc to rise through the ranks and race to the top!

Far Light World

Join billions of players, create Alliances, and fight side by side to fend off malignant CyberMorphs for handsome rewards!

Available: Google Play – US

Far Light World

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