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Early access (Test) – Release March 15

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Fantasy Dynasty (by Nemoverse)

Fantasy Dynasty: Free VIP 20 – Southeast Asia’s TOP Battlefield Game, an exceptional role-playing game on the mobile gaming platform. Immerse yourself in a unique cultivation world of MMORPG in a stunning 3D space, where you will embark on your own journey of immortality. Join an extraordinary adventure, conquer challenges, and uncover the secrets of the mystical cultivation world.

In the MMORPG “Fantasy Dynasty,” you will assume the role of a character on the path of cultivation to become an immortal practitioner. Interact directly with thousands of other cultivators, collectively conquer dungeons, and explore mysterious items and weapons in the 3D fantasy cultivation world.

Balanced Battlefield – Skill decide Win or Defeat
In the mobile game Fantasy Dynasty: Free Vip 20, skills take precedence. With a balanced battlefield, all character stats are equalized. External factors like equipment, appearance, magical artifacts, mounts, and other character buffs become irrelevant on the battlefield. Only skills decide the outcome in this battlefield!

Rule the World – Battlefield 1 vs 99
Tired of the usual 50vs50, 100vs100, or 1000vs1000 battlefields? In Fantasy Dynasty, the 1vs99 battlefield offers a unique experience unlike any other MMORPG mobile game. In this 1vs99 battlefield, a player faces off against 99 other cultivators. Can the player stand against 99 fellow immortal practitioners and dominate the celestial realm?

Fantasy Dynasty

Endless Minigame – Enjoy the Experience
Diverging from other RPGs on the market, “Fantasy Dynasty” offers not only fashion features, PVP-PVE elements, and basics, but also a plethora of engaging mini games such as Swift Racing, Three Realms Card Master, Exploding Corpse, Cultivation, Magical Artifacts, and Mount Training.

Fantasy Dynasty

Variety of Fashion – Freedom to style Outfits
Beyond boosting combat prowess, the system of 100+ magical artifacts, mounts, fashion items, weapons, etc., brings an aesthetic flair to your character. Customize your appearance with a unique style, turning your character into a distinctive and vibrant hero. Truly a game that invests in meticulous fashion and 3D graphics.

Fantasy Dynasty

Other Prominent Features:
Overwhelming Benefits – Play now to receive VIP20
Free Trade – Divined Trader

Get ready to step into a magnificent adventure with “Fantasy Dynasty – Free VIP 20.” Cultivate, conquer, and connect to become a hero in the awaiting world of immortal cultivation.

Fantasy Dynasty

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