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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Fantastic Baseball (by Wemade Co., Ltd)

Baseball fans from all around the world! This baseball game has various leagues included in the global league!
Players from MLB, KBO, and CPBL are all here at Fantastic Baseball.
The game is about to be released!

Fantastic Baseball!! Pre-registration is live!!
Check out the latest game information and various events with plenty of rewards.
– Official Pre-registration Website:

Implemented ultra-realistic graphics to create actual baseball environment!
Play Real!
Real baseball in your hands!!
– The players’ appearances, global league stadiums, global league player’s uniforms are updated with the latest information to create realistic baseball game environment.
– Get immersed to the game by various pitch types, trajectory, speed, and batting forms that are all based on actual data.

Fantastic Baseball

Play against users globally and enjoy inter-league!
Baseball E-sports!
All the baseball fans in one place!!
– Experience inter-leagues, where you can freely compete within the global league.
– Enjoy real time 1:1 PVP games against users from all around the world.

Fantastic Baseball

Obtain fantastic line up simply by playing!
Just Play!
Complete the line up of your dreams!!
– Collect all the players to create your very own global league and improve your team’s strength.
– Dominate the global league by challenging and winning the best teams in the league.

Fantastic Baseball

Various play modes that you can enjoy any day, any time!
All Day fun!!
The fun never ends with various game modes!!
– Challenge extremely difficult stages!! “Challenge Mode”

Fantastic Baseball

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