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The description of Fallen Seraph (by Epic game)

In this game, you will assume the role of a real-world individual who transcends time and arrives in a future millennia. The world is in a state of disarray, awaiting someone to bring about change. Your task is to recruit various companions and work together to rebuild the future.

The destiny of the future lies in your tactical decisions, and it will be up to you to save what’s to come.

Fallen Seraph

Game Features:

Gorgeous Anime-Inspired Art Style: A perfect fusion of role-playing and turn-based strategy games with a stunning anime art style.

Highly Strategic Turn-Based Combat: Engage in turn-based battles with strategic depth. Perfect coordination between your companions’ combinations and the protagonist’s skills is essential.

Fallen Seraph

Diverse Gameplay: Numerous gameplay modes including regular battles, boss fights, real-time player versus player combat, and guild battles.

Hundreds of Unique Characters: A vast array of characters, each with distinctive personalities, offering limitless possibilities for gameplay combinations.

Fallen Seraph

Auto-Battle for Convenience: Free up your hands with automatic battles, or engage in manual battles for ultimate strategic control.

Powerful Soundtrack and Renowned Voice Actors: Experience an auditory feast with a compelling soundtrack and voices provided by well-known voice actors

Fallen Seraph

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